Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hemmed in by Hercules

A snowy start to the New Year. The population of our town doubled today as 110,000 fans braved the weather for an outdoor hockey game at Michigan Stadium, more than half of them Canadians.

We had Allie and Maya last night though the former for a few hours only. A few hours of a fussy baby can seem like an eternity though. Maya was here much longer. I fretted whether her mother was making good choices out for a night on the town and that at least she would drive safely given the bad weather. When can I stop worrying?

And unlike Tessa, Maya does not like to sleep alone so I was treated to a few hours of her tossing and kicking and grinding her teeth. Suffice it to say, I am tired.

But I shared the babies with a friend. Plenty of tasty food to snack on and always wine.

A new year...what should I do?..where should I go?
me pondering bicycle rides


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