Thursday, January 30, 2014

Painting with fingers

The above photos I took during yesterday's babysitting adventure. There's a lot more of Tess because I am trying to find one suitable to convert to a large canvas. I do like the one with her standing but I cut off some of her head. I had bought this dress some time ago thinking it wold look good with her coloring. I also tried to take some of Oliver,much more  difficult.He has a nice smile but can not or will not show it on command. So I tried to catch him while he was watching TV.

I let Tess use the iPad for the first time She was using an art app in which she can paint with her fingertip. She watched her finger make various colored lines and then would lift her finger to see if it was stained. She did this several times until she as convinced she didn't have paint on her fingers. She also did a better job than Maya on the Doodledot program in which you are told to touch various colored dots to form a picture. She almost always was correct. Maya refuses to concentrate and keeps hitting the dots without listening.

While I was entertaining her, Daniel got into some cupcakes and crumbled them all over his face and the carpet. Quite the mess. First he isn't allowed to eat near the carpet nor is he allowed to take stuff without asking. I asked him Who is going to clean up this mess?

Oliver quickly replied that Mommy would. Nope, Daniel will do it. I had him put the larger pieces in a bag with him complaining that this was too much for him. Then it was time for him to vacuum. He recoiled in fear as the noise scares him. Too bad. He eventually cleaned everything up.

I was back there today after going to the Y but I only had Tess and she was sleeping most of the time.

We missed Maya's dance and music concert at her school. Naomi showed us movies though. Maya usually loves to sing and dance but on stage she stood petrified holding her cousin's hand.

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