Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Maya at school. Lunch is provided

The steps they sit on for story time
I awake in the middle of the night a few nights ago and can't open my eyes. They are glued shut. I soak them with a warm wash cloth. Still a pesky film remains giving me blurry vision. Both eyes? That has never happened to me before nor can I think of anyone who would have given me this. Even though I have been exposed to pink eye numerous times by my husband or kids, I only had it once as an adult. It is supposed to be highly contagious and a cause of kids being excluded from school. Not a fun thing. Plus my eyes burned.

Strangely my eyes were not pink nor did my eyelid puff up. (the last time I had it, my lids were so swollen I couldn't open my eye because of that). Conjunctivitis (pink eye) can be caused by allergies, bacteria or viruses. I didn't think allergies would cause all the pus. Fortunately from all Steve's infections (which I did not get even though we may share the same pillow case), he had left over ocular antibiotic which seemed to clear it up so I am all better from that at least.

At least I didn't have a hordeolum, a name as ugly as what it is:a sty.


Further annoyance: an elderly Asian man could not see Naomi's black car against a sunny white background and clipped it while going around a corner. Michigan has No-Fault laws so even if he admits it, which he has, too bad for us. We are out a thousand bucks. Nothing happened to his car.

Today was Maya's teachers conference. It turns out her speech therapist was a Girl Scout of mine.  And one of the teachers was one of Naomi's basketball coaches. Overall the conference went well and several issues were cleared up, at least for me, as I was getting very garbled feedback via Naomi. The overall message was is that Maya is very behind but rapidly making progress in all areas. One thing she was downgraded for was that her pretend play didn't have a sequence of events. I asked for an example. Well if she was pretending to make supper, she would need to pretend to set the table, cook the food, eat the food, take the dishes off and then wash them. if she ever saw this done.

Since the preschool serves largely low income students, they have a Food Bank there occasionally such as today. Naomi refused to take anything. As we were leaving, we ran into a softball dad whose daughter, the same age as Naomi, had a baby the year before Maya was born. He shared that his daughter and her son finally just moved out to be on their own. Naomi chimes in that she has been on her own for 5 years now. Not really, I pointed out.

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