Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rude awakenings

Yesterday's house guest

Allie's daycare is kept at 62 degrees. Needs a hat as a lot of heat escapes that large, bald head
For the zillionth time, I hate winter. There was supposed to be just a little snow Thursday. Ha! But no matter I have access to the Y on Tuesdays and Thursdays even when I am going to miss class, one of those cancer perks. However, since I was going to park downtown for more than 3 hours, my options were limited (yeah, I could pay $6 for parking, indeed if I could find space in a lot..parking is privatized and is making a fortune at our expense) due to only one side of the street available for more than 2 hours, trash day and ice mountains.  Right way I come across a woman trying to leave from a prime spot, my lucky day! But she just couldn't get out. Underneath her tires was glare ice. I helped her raid a recycling bin for traction materials but the two of us just could not move her car, ice mountain right behind her and uphill in front with only inches of wiggle room. She gave up. So my hunt for a parking place lasted about 30 minutes giving me almost a mile to walk at the end of my lunch through the blizzard that popped up. I was able to run (though not as far as planned) and lift some weights before our tasty lunch afterwards. Fun to meet friends during the day and get caught up. Lots of accidents that day due to the very slippery roads but I only had to go 5 miles back.

Naomi has been ill most of the week and lacked the energy to deal with Maya. Don'tae had her for a while; we got her Thursday after school . She is such a cute little thing but at night, she is used to company and is just hell to sleep with with her thrashing and teeth grinding. I put up a wall of pillows between us to at least spare my self from being kicked too. Suffice it to say, no sleep for me. And no rest the next day either as Naomi made a brief appearance just to piss off Steve who stomped off to who knows where with the car with the carseat so I had Ms. Maya to myself. We ( Maya and I)did take a nap together. But no going out for me. It was dark by the time Don'tae retrieved Maya.

Over the past few months, some crazy lady has been calling us in the middle of the night asking for someone. It is the same person according to the caller id. She is clearly mentally disturbed. I do not know why our number is on her speed dial. She once called during the day and seemed quite apologetic but continued her calling spree waking us. Well we finally had her number blocked. Even though the kids would call us first by cell if something was wrong, it still makes my heart stop to hear the phone ring in the middle of the night. I just assume it is the 'authorities' ready to report some bad news.

Today is even colder and windier than yesterday but my cabin fever is so severe, I would go out in anything.

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