Monday, January 6, 2014

Days of Snow

One of our squirrels enjoying a snack before the storm

Tough walking when the snow is above your knees

We will be able to drive the red car maybe in the spring

Biggest job isn't the sidewalk but to clear a path from the driveway to the middle of the road. Snow mountain is almost as tall as me

Inviting entry way to our house

It was actually sort of warm yesterday so I took Maya sledding
After a tumble, she lost interest

Storm Ion looked like a no-show. Ann Arbor had narrowly escaped the first wave of snow but by late afternoon, the second wave began. Temperatures are dropping and winds are picking up as I type though the snow itself stopped. Between Electra, Hercules, and Ion we have about 2 feet on top of our table outside with even deeper drifts.

The city did make one pass with the plow on our street so as long as you don't have to turn, or run into incoming traffic, you'll be fine. However turning is a problem. A cul-de sac faces our driveway. They are last to see a plow so the residents were out there this morning cleaning the road. I warned my Spanish neighbor (he says it snows in Asturias but I bet not 2 feet at a time) not to turn until he got to the clear part of the road. Didn't listen. One can use momentum to plow through a snow bank but only if the wheels are straight.

As early morning was going to be the warmest part of the day, I did the shoveling then. I wanted to make sure the wet stuff the city's plows put in our path didn't solidify into an ice wall sealing us in for the next week. I got a workout.

I took Maya to our Sugarbush Hill, very popular with the neighborhood kids. The older ones build snow cliffs to fly off of. Had to find a mogul free area for Maya.

Naomi reports that Maya now has the norovirus. Great. Already I feel queasy. I assume she picks this crud  up from her father's girlfriend's kids. Wish he would recognize in advance what a bad idea it is to expose her.

And most of Shanna's family  has some version of Oliver's flu-like disease. I was careful not to touch them or their stuff.

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Anonymous said...

The flu has hit here in Portland. My granddaughter has 103 fever, respiratory and intestinal. I dont know if she got a flu shot, I know my daughter did. Hope everyone in your family recovers speedily. Kris


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