Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring is here..April Fools!

There was a dusting of snow today, cold and strong winds, not the spring I had in mind.

My poor grand dog Sunny yesterday. Somehow she got a cow bone stuck around her teeth and panicked. No one could remove this. The co-owner (Josh) was called in Colorado where he had been skiing for advice. Sunny ended up at an emergency vet. She had to be put under so the bone could be sawed off. No more bones for her.
Shanna's family came over for Easter. I made a ham, which believe it or not, I never did before. What to do with all the left-overs? Ham croquettes? Ham loaf?  My mom used to make a tasty ham loaf. I had some other person's version once. They were so proud of it but the cinnamon in theirs just induced my gag reflex.

Happy Hour tonight with the Moms!

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Holly said...

Poor puppy - one of my dogs did that once too, but it was with her collar somehow. The vet was able to cut it off.

As to ham leftovers...I put some of it through a meat grinder, add pickles and mayo. Yummy ham salad.

The rest I use to make soup - usually a bean soup.


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