Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snowy spring magnolia

A lone feathery blossom Should travel with my good camera
Buds are starting to form, tulips and daffodils are out, small green leaves are appearing. At long last , it is spring. After my run yesterday in which for about the tenth time, a red Dodge Ram with a handicap placard tried to run me off the road (downside to Michigan not having front license plates, I can't get his number), I met up with a good friend for  lunch and a walk in the arb. I noticed two memorials to the soccer mom whose funeral I attended 18 months ago. Apparently the Arb was her favorite place. Wood lilies, peach daffodils and various snow drops were in bloom. But the best were the snowy spring magnolias!
Sad sight: 2 squirrel nestlings were squirming on the ground. I couldn't see the nest. Maybe momma can feed them on the ground or carry them back to safety.
Ran into an old work buddy running along the river and a teacher who I had said at one point I would help with his environmental education classes. He had a bunch of 7th graders in tow. Maybe. Then at home, 2 surprise packages.
Good news concerning several of Naomi's health issues. Still some to address. Below some levity:
pure ignorance
I have posted my stand-up toilet pictures in the past. How does one convert one into a seating toilet...

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