Friday, April 26, 2013

California flowers


dew on unknown flower

pretty flower in field


lupine Came in several colors. This color ed lupine is also known as Texas Blue Bonnets


No flowers but i love this staircase to the beach

primroses Should have my own soon

My brother's front yard with roses, hydrangea, thrift
small yellow flower that sort of looks like a dandelion but isn't
more pink ice flower
White ice flower
More pink ice flower

White ice flower close-up
California poppies all over the place
poppy and calendula garden 

Pink ice flower

 As any reader of this blog knows, I love flowers. Given our extended winter (snow again yesterday), flowers have been few and far between though today, I saw dogwood, forsythia, along with the previously mentioned daffodils and hyacinths. Finally some sun here!

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Alli said...

Sue the flowers are just lovely!! The trees here plant life and the rest are very slow with the cooler weather we had been experiencing...

Love Alli.....xx


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