Monday, April 15, 2013

Vultures on a Hot, Tin Roof

One of the places we hope to visit next week. The venue lets different landscape architects design unique spaces.
There are 15 different installations, some look quite interesting
California Dreamin':  I would say All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray...but there are no leaves here at all and today, the sky was blue at least in the morning. Also big shock: it was 70 degrees! (yesterday it was snowing.)The long range forecast promises sun every day where we are going, a miracle where it is usually quite foggy. We leave for CA this week. Last year, I went on a trip almost every month. This year? Well it is the longest that I have stayed home, even when I was in Cancerland, we managed to go to Seattle. Next month? Back to Northern Michigan. Month after that? Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington DC. Next month? Either Iowa or Northern Michigan.

Hopefully I will have too much fun to blog regularly but I will send photos.

I am fighting a cold so running again is out but bicycling isn't quite as strenuous and it was 70 degrees! I went for a bike ride. I actually sweat. At one point, 4 vultures lined up on top of a tin roof. By the time I got my camera out, they flew up (amazing how easily spooked they are).
Close-up of vulture. Phone camera does not have a zoom lens

The vultures in flight

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