Monday, April 8, 2013

Like this post or I will shoot this dog! And other Facebook extortions.

We all get them. A picture of a bald 6 year old is posted. She doesn't feel she is beautiful! Like this picture or heartlessly ignore it! Are my 'friends' keeping track of how heartless I am?

A change in semantics over the past decade (or however long Facebook has been around)has occurred : Like is now an active verb. For the very few of you not on Facebook, to like something means pressing a button thus the active component.

Marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Like if you agree!

I get this all the time. Where is the Unlike button? This is what I want.

A friend posts some sad news. Do we press 'like'?

Like if you love your children or your mom.

Like if you feel your daughters are beautiful.

Like if you've gone through cancer treatment or know someone who has.

Like if you love dogs.

I do like many things. I like seeing my friends' children, the friends engaged in fun activities, etc. But I do not like things that I am extorted to like. I do not appreciate being asked to prove myself.

An earlier version of this was the chain letter. I hated this. Send a postcard to these 10 people listed and you will receive hundreds in return. Sometimes you were asked to send a dollar. And if you didn't do as asked, you were told that very bad luck will ensue. Once computers and e-mail came on board, e-mail chain letters were sent. At least these were cheaper but still they came with 'threats'.

I am a chain breaker. I will not forward these things. Yeah I know I am risking bad karma.

Recently I read a review of a book on how to deal with your friends' sad situations. The number one thing by far NOT to say is to refer to their bad karma. This implies that somehow they had it coming. Also empty platitudes are not helpful either: Everything happens for a reason and its ilk.

Please don't ask me to prove my love or my commitment, especially on Facebook.

I haven't posted much lately. I am attempting to get a few things done first then I will post again. Yeah I am retired. I should have all the time in the world but somehow things fill it up.

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