Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ship my pants

and other word play

So the new K-mart commercial lists things you can ship: Can I ship my pants? Can I ship my bed?
 In this vein, Shanna and I went to eat at What Crepe! for lunch yesterday.

What Crepe indeed! It was good: just cost twice as much as it should . Twice as much as our favorite crepe place in Brookline (which is an expensive suburb). But it had a better atmosphere purporting to be an European experience.  In France, they have different batters depending if you are going for sweet or savory. A friend of mine wanted me to convince the waitress (in French) to use the savory batter for her sweet crepe. But restaurants aren't so flexible there: you get what is one the menu, no substitutions. At this place, one batter fit all. It was nice being with my daughter without babies interrupting. Steve had those but the boys were rapt watching our junk maples come down and be ground up. Take them to a construction site and they are in heaven.

When Josh was little, we frequented a pasta place that had a tortellini machine behind glass. He stared at this throughout our meal. Peace for a bit. He didn't care much for construction zones though.

Never ending winter! Nights of thunder! Days of rain! More graupel and it's almost mid April! I looked at the long range forecast for my CA trip. Sunny every day. Hope that doesn't change.

Newbies at our Cooking for Survival class: One lady. had just gotten her diagnosis days previously.
I just walk around crying for no reason.
Well, not for no reason. I pointed out that the first week is the worst. You are still in shock and full of fear. Gradually you just deal with whatever that comes.

Another lady was awaiting results of a biopsy. They had used the word 'branching' to describe her lesion. This is not good. Perfectly round lesions are much more likely to be benign. Mine was described as 'stellate' like a star. Also not good.

A few years back, we had seeked the advice of financial planners about what to do. Almost all of them noticed that all of our 'eggs' were in one basket and urged us to sell even though the price at that point was extremely depressed. I refused to hire anyone who said that more than once.. Now that stock is over 30 (versus 11 at one point). I only wish we hadn't caved and started selling bits of it off once it hit 23. Clairvoyance certainly would be useful.

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