Saturday, April 20, 2013


I hear that there is snow on the ground back in Michigan. Not here. Beautiful sun! After our breakfast at the Blue Sky, I finally ran after almost a week past fragrant wildflowers and the sea along the coastal path. I covered new territory as the cafe was further south. I was a tad overdressed and dehydrated so after an hour, the run was getting more difficult.

Then to South San Francisco to pick up these scarves that Costco only offers at limited times in limited stores. Not only was I getting more for myself, also for 2 friends. Alas, they didn't have the same selection. Where are the chiffons? I asked this poor person hired at the last minute to stock the display. She had no idea what I was talking about. Later I considered going to another Costco, one in San Jose which would have been quite the trek. I called ahead this time insisting that the manager walk to the display and review what he saw. Didn't seem they were there either. Sorry scarf fans.

So on to Palo Alto to see Stanford's art musuem but first stop, downtown to eat in a cute Cuban restaurant.Ropas Viejas and grilled mahi-mahi. Lots of cute restaurants and public art. Will post the latter later. The art museum featured lots of Rodin. Steve however kept darting away instead of looking at the art. Well maybe we just enjoy looking at different things and I could always text him if we get separated, don't sweat it I told my mildly annoyed self. Then at one point, I found him waving his arms running in a hallway. Very weird. I asked what was wrong with him as we went into the room where the Bosch was. No reply but I turned around and there was my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws. It didn't register immediately so I turned back to admire the painting until they said something. They had flown in from New York and Seattle respectively and went to find us in Palo Alto. They had considered meeting up with us in Napa/Sonoma but I kept changing my plans at the last second and Steve couldn't tell them where we would be. He would have drawn the line at having them drive to San Jose if I had gone there in scarf pursuit.

So yeah I was sursprised. Sunday is my 60th birthday so this is my birthday trip. At Costco, we had found some of the wines I sampled in Sonoma (for much less) and Steve insisted we buy them as we could always bring them back if we don't finish them. As I was the only drinker in the house, how could I finish them? Well it turns out more drinkers were coming..should have known something was up. Same with these buttery palmiers from some fancy-schmancy San Francisco bakery. Who's going to eat them? I didn't notice all his secret texting. He did look at his phone a lot though.

So we then convened at my brothers' and drank some pinot noir that I actually liked on his decks overlooking the ocean. Very special and then on to the Mezza Luna for a tasty dinner (get it? Mezza luna: half Moon)
Gingerbread man statue

California poppies

My SIL and Charlotte, the Jack Russell

Rodin's Gates of Hell

Bosch The picture I was admiring when I was ambushed

The Thinker


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Happy Birthday Sue!
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