Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goats and Whales

While I ran along the beach, the others took a walk

A sea of pink. The ice plant is in bloom now It comes in pink, yellow and white. In some areas, all you see is pink. This is a small version of it used as ground cover. Some consider it an invasive weed. But it is good for erosion control and with all its water, it is a fire retardant

Pescardero St. Beach

kids at the goat farm. You could pet them. They had a few llamas too. Each doe goat produces a gallon of milk per day which translates into a pound of chevre.

Lighthouse at Pigeon Pt The red in the foreground is ice plant with no blooms but you can see the pink blooms in the gulley

clumps of CA poppies all over the place

Pink ice plant

Artisanal cheeses at the goat farm. The Van Goat has the sun flower like candela and has sunflower seeds within. The Monet has the viola petals. Also had lavender covered.

The migrating CA gray whales could be seen slowly lumbering up the coast. I never seen whales while standing on land before. These are hard to photograph as they appear only for a second. My brother got 3 pix of them.

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EAK13 said...

Sue I always enjoy your pictorial posts and adventures.. I live vicariously running along the beach through you...

Sue here is my new blog address. I wanted to email you but didn't see an address.
Thanks in advance.... Alli

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