Sunday, April 28, 2013

At dusk, the deer come out to play

My friend's property had at least 20 deer. When I opened the door to photograph them, most of them bolted. Tessa's squeals  scattered the rest

Miss Tess enjoying the outdoors

Birthday cake
 It was a beautiful evening for our Mom's group last night. As a special treat, Tess and Shanna came too. We sipped 'birthday girl' martinis aka lemon drops on my friend's expansive deck listening to the peepers until it became too chilly. Tessa honed her walking skills, now up to about 6 feet before she carefully lowers herself to a safe crawling pose just as her mom did some 32 years ago at the same age.The deck railings made cruising that much easier. Inside for our pesto shrimp pasta and then cake and coffee. A nice night with my friends and daughter (and grand daughter)

Rain has made my planned Sunday morning bike ride (the best time for reduced winds and traffic) a no-go. Maybe later. Josh and Julie should visit here soon and then I arrange for the weekly Maya transfer back to Naomi.

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