Saturday, April 6, 2013

She said Yes!

Which comes first? Baby? House? Wedding?
With my children, the order for these events seems to be scrambled compared to the 'usual' order but hey, no judgement.

Just a year ago, Josh was married to someone else but now, new fiancee, new house and a baby on the way.  Things can change so fast. Earlier today, he was here working on his proposal. He wanted everything to be perfect. He was making dinner at their new house which they have only partially moved into so there was lots of borrowing of supplies. The weakest link was ordering a ring. What should he buy? It took him a long time to figure what he and she wanted. Earlier in the week, he asked both parents separately for their blessing of the wedding (note: no one ever asked me or Steve for my daughters' hands though Shanna said we were out of the country at the time). I have since sent the mom a text saying which dates will NOT work. I had made plans well before I knew of certain events.

And again, I have saddled myself with projects with deadlines. I made some good progress yesterday so yay me!

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