Saturday, April 27, 2013

Compost compensation

Election officials, besides their minimum wage, get additional perks. In the past, UM basketball tickets (not this year when UM was rated No.1) rounds of golf and this year Compost! or Mulch! He is entitled to 5 bushels though I think he with all his partially filled garbage bags barely has a bushel so we will go back.While I watched Maya today go back and forth won the sidewalk with various little tyke toys, I weeded my rock garden. Number one weed would be grass.

Ah it finally looks like spring. Today is moving day for Josh and Julie but until his house closes, his furniture will remain put. Steve and I en route to somewhere else, stopped at Shanna's house. She said they had put on the siding. Workmen were working on her alleged house when I asked to go inside Steve diligently taking pictures. Did she really pick out these ugly cabinets? I thought she picked dark granite and this stuff is light. Finally when we went upstairs, one of her 4 bedrooms seemed to be missing. Oops..wrong house. We were a block off.
She closes in a month. Her house looks light years away from being finished.

A beautiful day for my run. Tomorrow, a big bike ride. My ride across Pennsylvania is coming up soon.

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