Thursday, April 4, 2013

First bike ride

I finally got my bike back from the shop, after 3 tries. And today, the store owner was late in opening when I went to pick it up. Photos I took while cooling my heels:

Two of the photos were in an alley. One shows the corner of Liberty and Washington. These are in downtown Ann Arbor. The alley is adjacent to a new restaurant named (believe it or not) What Crepe!!!!

I had already did my workout at the Y but I went for a 3 mile ride when I got home. So nice not to have the tire rubbing against the brakes as it was out of round and so nice to be able to shift gears with my new cables. Hopefully it will be easier to get in shape this season as I am starting earlier and still might have some muscles from last fall and my Y  workouts on the ellipitical trainer. Later I was treated with visits from Naomi, Maya and Josh. The latter was avoiding home as three showings were scheduled. So far: 8 viewings. Hopefully an offer will arise.

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