Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Do Pirates Wear one Eye Patch?

Because they are unusually unlucky in sustaining eye injuries due to all their sword fighting?


They often called to come below deck  to above deck to fight or at least defend. The  sudden light would temporarily blind them. If they kept one eye used to dark (eye patch), the could quickly switch it and be able to see quickly though as I type this, I realize this would make more sense transferring from above to below deck. This was in an article about whether reading in poor light wrecks ones eyes. Verdict? No.

Though my father claimed that my incessant reading in partial darkness was responsible for my myopia thus it was my responsibility to pay for glasses or at least accept them in lieu of presents for the next several years. You'd think he'd be thrilled to have a kid that would read but no.

Well I still read in partial darkness and guess what? My eyes are getting better at least not so myopic. At this rate, I should have good eyes by the time I am 120. But as luck would have it, I am developing cataracts. Not the end of the world because repairing them would repair my myopia.

Still not spring here unless all the rain is some harbinger of it. I have heard the peepers during my runs. Subject of today's LiveStrong class? Dynamic balance. I've gotten better standing on one leg as long as I am standing still. But if  am to wave my arms as they had us do, I topple over. Just one more class and then I will concentrate on biking.

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