Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Scourge of Formica

Josh's newly updated kitchen in the house he is selling. Not sure if the bottle of wine comes with the house
Nothing says dated like Formica. No matter what one's budget is, the expectation is that you will have granite or quartz countertops. Even the modest condo we purchased for Naomi has quartz. After numerous people sighing Formica!!!, Josh was forced to install granite counter tops along with stainless steel appliances to sell his house which is currently under contract but contingent on several things.. No one wants to look at white stuff.

Confession: We have white appliances, white cabinets and gasp! formica. We did update our kitchen about 15 years ago from its harvest gold/country decor but apparently, I guess we have to do this more often. We did rip up all the orange shag carpet leaving beautiful red oak beneath though I guess that is outdated too. Either a dark stain or a bleached look is acceptable. But at least we have no vinyl except in the foyer and the way downstairs.

We watch HGTV which is complete with Canadian accents (Hoose and aboot for house and about) and terminology. Ensuite? That's a master bath and very desirable. No brass or fiberglass please. And no panelling!!! Also unacceptable: wall paper and shag carpet and popcorn ceilings.

Most over-used phrase: Open concept. Everyone wants this now apparently. The opposite I guess would be 'defined' space. Why build interior walls at all?

But the most astounding thing about these renovation shows is the math. X amount of upgrades always seems to yield 2X increase in value. Yep the advertisers have a vested interest in having the viewers consider renovations.

I biked by the house we should have bought went we had the chance for half of its now value. It is out in the country but still close to Ann Arbor and within its school district . It is a beautiful neo-Victorian.

So I did my 20 miles today with no fatigue.  I have 6 weeks to get into biking shape for my Pennsylvania ride. Biked by 3 female turkeys in a corn field and later pretty free range chickens, complete with an impressive rooster right on my road. It will be close to 80 today.

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