Monday, May 6, 2013

Tail winds

I am going up hill at 16 mph. Am I  super awesome all of a sudden  or do I have a tail wind? Eventually I will have to turn around and face the wind but I get a reprieve,the wind shifts 90 degrees while I take a break at a nursery, E instead of S. I still have a small eastern component left to my ride but not as much as the southern component...and it will be down hill.
So my longish bike ride worked out without me becoming too sore.

Later we went to Josh and Julie's new house for my birthday dinner (yeah, I know, it was 2 weeks ago). The appraisal for his old place came in conveniently at the asking price (his biggest worry) but they found radon, which he has to deal with. There are some other minor maintenance issues too. Negotiations are in progress on who pays for what.

I looked on the radon map for Michigan. It is by county, not sub-divided into townships. There are 3 ratings: high chance of radon, moderate chance and low chance. Our county: high, Josh's new county: moderate. Shanna's: low. But individual rates can vary. Our house was tested low. Josh should have known better as these tell-tale pipes are all over his neighborhood.

So half of their furniture has been moved to the new house. Josh's stuff is being used to stage the old house as it still is being shown in case this offer falls through. They still have no grass though today, they are getting a patio. It was a nice evening. It is satisfying to see your kids settled and doing well. Tomorrow is that ultrasound. I have been promised instant results.

As Naomi will be occupied in the mornings for the next week and a half, I took Maya to her speech class. She tries so hard but still she has problems making more than one sound correctly at a time. And then my run, later than I wanted it. and then another 2 hours of trying to deal with this yard. When should one have the lawn mower fixed? Well before the grass starts growing or do you wait until you actually need the mower? So many including Steve chose the latter and it won't come back for 2 weeks. Meanwhile the grass grows more than an inch a day it seems. We went to Josh's old house to take his mower as he has a service do his old lawn and doesn't have a new lawn. We did get to see his house all spiffed up for viewings.

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