Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Grandbaby has a Volvo!

Today was the Reveal Party. There were pink and blue plates to select from depending on what you thought the sex was. When the cake was cut into, either pink or blue was revealed. Not obvious in this photo, the color was pink

You can see a small baby bump on Julie at 21 weeks
Tess enjoying herself
Group shot I am next to Julie. Her mom is in front of her. Her mom's best friend graduated with me .
So I was told 2 weeks ago what the sex was though I never was sure that Josh wasn't misleading me. Her family wanted to wait to know at this reveal party thrown today I had asked what made the technician think it was a girl

Well there's her Volvo right there.

Not a Toyota?

It reminded me of the old Seinfeld episode in which Jerry didn't pay attention to his date's name and things progressed beyond what would have been acceptable to ask again. She did say something how it wasn't easy growing up with a name at rhymed with a female part.


Turns out her name was Dolores.
I have been there before as I am terrible remembering names. I did go out with a guy whose name I didn't  know just because I forgot as soon as I was told.

The party was fun. Later Shanna and her family and Naomi went to Josh's house for the first time.
I had gotten up bright and early to bike way before the cars came out. And no wind.

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Holly said...

when my daughter was four and we were entertaining the bishop of Connecticut and his wife she overheard him bragging about his new car - a Volvo. she spoke right up and said, "Bishop, only gilrs have volvos". he tturned purple. the rest of us laughed our heads off!


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