Monday, May 27, 2013

Grandbaby girls

Who rocks this outfit best?

Our living room looks like a toddler playground with the slide, dual rocker and assorted toys. Cost of the rocker? zero along with another slide which I am keeping outside. Too cold and rainy for the girls to play outside. Miss Tess's parents were in Canada for a wedding. The boys were with their other grandma. Miss Maya came over only for  2 hours. In 4 months, we will have another baby girl.

Fortunately it wasn't raining this morning for my run. A small herd of deer jumped in my path.

The lawyer sent us a huge packet setting up trusts,  our will and medical powers of attorney. Just don't have the heart to go through it. Under what  conditions do I want to have the plug pulled ? How to fairly divide the money assuming some is left.  Do we recognize the grandchildren and to what degree?  Steve keeps nagging for me to deal with this. A chore that needs to be done.

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