Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My buddy refused to look at the camera

Maya at class. Now has enough hair for a little ponytail

Sweet Tess

3-D image of Baby Five. It would have been better to get the body and face in focus than just the hand Weight: 12 oz
This is the best time of the year. Flowering trees all around, not too  hot and a whole summer stretched in front of us. And a new baby as soon as summer is over.

As for Baby 5's gender, there will be a sex reveal party in a couple of weeks. This is a new one for me.

After our trip to the park yesterday, Oliver and I took the long way back through the woods. The enormous sugar maples have their leaves now. The ground was covered with wood lilies, trillium, may apples and little purple things. So pretty.

I've been taking Maya to her classes lately. She's quickly making progress so now maybe she is less than a year behind. Still her enunciation needs work. At the library story time yesterday, I went up to a vaguely familiar lady with a grandchild in tow. Are you so and so's mom? Yes she was. She had asked me years ago to come to her girl scout troop to tell the girls about my life as a chemist. I was very pregnant with Naomi at the time, which interested the girls much more than my career. I told the woman that this was the baby's baby besides me.

Today was biking day. I was blessed with nearly windless conditions.

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