Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hummingbirds and Lipomas

For about 5 years, Naomi has had an ugly growth on her arm. Harmless but ugly said the doctor 5 years ago. Lately it has started to grow and she finally has insurance so off to the dermatologist  They were undecided whether it was a cyst  or a lipoma but as it started to be painful, it was removed today. As it turned out to be solid, it was a lipoma. I am not sure if they are biopsying it. They did biopsy one suspicious mole that they removed on the first consultation. In the past few weeks, I've been to numerous consultations of various sorts but none for myself. Two days ago, it was the oral surgeon. Steve finally had his implant put in.Three months ago, they were going to do it but his jaw turned out to be too decomposed to place it. They had to build his jaw up with I don't know what. It was painful. Fortunately the implant placement itself was less  so but as he was on all kinds of drugs, I needed to drive. Such bad teeth he has! The dangers of feeding kids soda.....

And one of the hummingbirds returned. I didn't have my feeder out yet but did have the petunias that Shanna gave me. Monday there was a record low off 22. Two days later, in the 80s. Fortunately biking in 80 degree weather is no problem.

I lost so many plants over the winter, it has made me too depressed to start my gardens again. But today I bought few replacements for my rock garden and some sweet smelling stock to place around my patio.

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