Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinner by the tracks

One branch of my quince mutated to white

Quince. Looks better if the blossoms come out before the leaves
Today is graduation day at UM. We are giving the town a wide berth. By late tomorrow, our population will drop considerably. So my friend and I chose Ypsi to eat my birthday dinner outside within just a few feet of the railroad tracks (Restaurant is imaginably named Sidetrack). Everyone had the same idea to eat outside on the first weekend night that one could so there was a wait. When the train barrels through, which it did 3 times, everything shakes. I tried to get a photo of the train next to our brightly colored umbrellas, but alas, I was too slow.
In California, we had gone to a brewpub which rated its own beers according to their IBUs (international bitterness units). The average ale would rate a 20 but they had a  IPA brew seeped in 5 different hops that was rated 63 which seems to be the top of the bitterness scale. Could I tolerate this especially as I seem to be missing many of the bitterness receptors others have? Yes I could. Well I had a tasty IPA last night, IBU not specified, and a strawberry crispy chicken salad. Yum.
Later we went down the street for coffee and Let's Get Sconed! scones. Coconut chocolate.
A very nice night with good company.
An east wind blew the cool Lake Huron air on us this morning (hope the east wind does not portend rain for tomorrow on my big biking day) making my run on the Scenic Beauty Road quite pleasant.

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