Monday, May 13, 2013

A cold, windy Mother's Day

Sundays are the best day for bike riding. I can have the roads mostly to myself for a few hours. However upon awakening, I could see the trees swaying in the wind. Temp=35; winds WNW 23 mph gusting to 30. I figured that I don't go west except for half mile bits at a time so that hopefully, for most of my ride, the winds would be crosswinds. I find 35 deg quite toasty for running. A long sleeve tee shirt and tights are all that I need. However comfortable bicycling temps need to be at least 20 degrees warmer for me or my feet and fingers freeze. Gloves help somewhat. Also cold wind in my face makes my eyes water. I could not read my speedometer for the first half of the ride nor could I hear much except wind noise. I was able to hear the ancient sounds of sand hill cranes though I couldn't see them. Their distinctive cries can be heard for more than a mile.
Birds that I hardly ever saw around here ten years ago: cranes, vultures, turkeys and so many hawks

A bird I never see any more: pheasants

At one point, Shanna called me just as I was cresting a hill (would not have heard the phone going downhill..28 mph with the wind pushing me). I wrap the phone in a baggy so my sweat doesn't erode it but it was buried under layers of clothes and my gloves didn't help untangle it from its wrapper.

The ride was much easier going back. I actually became too warm even though it was still in the 30s when I got home. A few flakes of snow was seen later.I am tired, Dear Reader. Since May began, I've biked 100 miles and ran over 50. I think I will skip the yoga class tonight.

But it was a nice day. I saw all my children and grandchildren and a good friend over the course of the day. I received  3 batches of pretty flowers, a nice card and salty brownies. Later Josh and Julie took me out near their new neighborhood. And then later, my favorite PBS shows and Mad Men.

Earliest demonstration of empathy I ever seen: One of the boys was crying. He was mad/sad that he couldn't play his favorite game any more. Tessa pointed at him to alert his mother that he was crying. Then she sidled over to him to hug him. He pushed her away as he was angry. Then she pointed at him and repeated trying to comfort him. She is not quite 14 months old.

Presumably we had a record low of 22 this morning. The car was covered in frost which I had to scrape away before driving Maya to her class. One more day of this and then her mother can take over.

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