Sunday, May 26, 2013

Side Zoomers vs Line Uppers

This is the situation: You are on a busy 2 lane going one way expressway. There is a sign saying due to construction, the right lane will disappear in a mile. What do you do? Immediately merge into the left lane or wait until the last possible moment to merge when the lane disappears? Or if you were in the left lane to begin with, zip into the emptying right lane and zoom ahead of those lineuppers in the left lane and then merge at the last possible second.

Now expressways move the most efficiently if all possible lanes are utilized giving some justification for the side zoomers. But lineuppers in general view the side zoomers as narcissistic assholes. If the side zoomers weren't in the relative anonymity of a car, would they barge ahead with their shopping carts in front of a line of twelve waiting shoppers? Steve said in New York, they would. He frequently found fights in the lines and in the narrow aisles of the local Waldbaum's, something he never witnessed in placid Michigan. And in general, being polite in New York would never get you across town.

As for myself, once I have decided to merge, I sometimes block the path of sidezoomers forcing them to merge BEHIND me.

Oh my reading in the middle of the night. Why can't I sleep?

It is nice out. I went for my longest yet for this season bicycle ride made easier by little wind and a comfortable temperature. I will be in shape. My Pennsylvania ride is in just a few weeks.

We have Ms. Tess with us for a day and a half. Of all the grandbabies, she is by far the easiest. She is very interested in new surroundings, content just to look around, will eat about anything we put in front of her, smiles constantly, and is very cute. We have had bits of Maya over the weekend too.

Josh and Julie visited us in between their many tasks. They still haven't closed on Josh's old house.

We took Tess shopping. Our best find? A gyro bowl as seen on TV but for a fraction of the cost. see Kids allegedly can't spill anything from it even if they tip it upside down. We'll see how it holds up to the boys.

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