Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Birthday!

Within a few minutes of birth held by her big sister

Two years ago
If one has a birthday in late March or early April, one can have an Easter birthday. So far, I've had only one Easter birthday. I was 4 years old and my mom had made a lamb cake covered in coconut with colored eggs surrounding it. As she was about to give birth to my brother, this was an ambitious project for her. I remember that it was sunny and warm that day (winters were longer especially in the snow belt where we lived in New York). I guess I have some Easter birthdays coming up when I am in my 80s.

Naomi, in her much shorter life, has had 3 Easter birthdays including the day that she was born. Upside to an Easter birth? No annoying med students using me as a teachable moment. Downside: no cafeteria for my support team..

As in general, I suffer in silence, I let Shanna, who was about to turn 12, attend the birth. In case things went wrong, she agreed to go to the waiting room. Watching ones mother writhe in pain is not the way to encourage grandchildren production. My labor, spurned on with pitocin, was short and brutal. I was begging for drugs on the 2nd contraction (went without with the others). I was given laughing gas, which is now not used in the US but is used extensively in Europe. Someday I will research the cons of this stuff but at that time, it was perfect. Does it lead to teenage pregnancy down the road?

It is also Maya's other grandma's birthday so that is where she is. I will try to find someplace open for birthday lunch. Later I will cook Easter dinner for Shanna's family although Easter for her in laws, isn't until May.

No sun right now but yesterday while running, I saw a butterfly, a viceroy I think. 

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