Thursday, March 14, 2013

Riding slow in the fast lane

The story of my life....?

No, just a silly story that made the rounds on the news recently. A woman gets a ticket for driving 62 in a 65 mph zone. Oh the outrage! But as it turns out, the ticket wasn't really for going 62 mph, it was for driving in the passing lane forever while enraged drivers interested in going at least the speed limit passed on the right. If you are not passing Lady, stay to the right! It is the law in most states but I don't know how much it is enforced given how many oblivious people flaunt it. They must enforce it strictly in France or maybe they are just extra courteous there (what are the chances of that?). I drove on one of their peages (expensive but very fast toll road) and was impressed how quickly cars zipped back into the right lane after passing without a second to spare. I think the speed limit was around 90 mph (150 kph).

At any rate, I think the woman deserved the ticket.

The other day as I was trying to stop from vomiting, I get a call (private on the caller id) from people purporting to be from Consumer's Reports wondering why I had ignored their many letters to renew (did we get those?) but not to worry, they can renew it over the phone right now..just give us your..Don't care to discuss this right now, I snarled. C'mon, it will just take a second .. I hung up.

Well Steve's sphere of responsibility includes taking care of magazine subscriptions  He assured me that we he more than 3 years on this subscription. This put a bee in my bonnet. I called CR's subscription department to ask if they had any reason to badger us by phone when we had so much time left and furthermore  we request that even if it does expire, we'd prefer not to be badgered. They said that they never would have done that. They don't even have our phone number and furthermore, don't even have my name.

Well you must have sold your list of subscribers to scammers.

Or not. Within minutes of hanging up, I get yet another call, this time wondering about my subscription to Discover (which I used to have) in what I think was the identical voice. Guess what my response was?

More reasons to ditch the land line. Usually I don't even answer unfamiliar numbers on the caller id but where my friend is staying currently, when she calls, it shows up as Private.

Maybe I am just crabby for having a 24 hour virus last 6 days. I did return to exercising today at the Y after trying to make sure I was re hydrated (had stopped peeing). My body had trouble regulating its temperature..unduly hot! Even lifting weights was extra hard..but I felt better that I had at least done something.

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