Monday, March 4, 2013

My grandbaby is the size of a kumquat

S/he has gone from poppyseed to apple seed to olive. I really don't think s/he is as big as a kumquat but that's the yardstick I found online. Last week the baby measured in at an inch at 9.5 weeks.
Painting in class

Josh's house. Since I've been there, they put up siding, floors, lighting, the granite. Should be done in a few weeks

Shanna's house now has most of a roof
I've not been on this blog much lately. Too busy celebrating Triple Negative Breast Cancer day (yesterday)?
No just been busy with grandbabies. I took Maya to class today  as her mother has a task early in the morning to perform for the next week and a half. Maya is making good progress. She sings along now to the songs they have. Still a year behind in language though.

We did have a 'family dinner' here last night. Once those houses pictured above are finished, maybe I won't be the only one cooking.. One of the dishes I made was with shaved brussel sprouts. Fry them up with some bacon, shallots, garlic and add some balsamic vinegar...Yum. But it was nice having all the kids and grandkids together though we were missing Ramy who seems to be working around the clock.
Julie is very excited about her baby-to-be.

Off to Happy Hour with a friend!

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