Saturday, March 9, 2013

Raspbarb crisp

We had Mom's group last night. I bring the dessert. I mulled my options: a Swedish cream cheese coffeecake that Kris had posted the recipe for yesterday? A Mont Blanc? This is riced  sweetened chestnut puree heaped over a mound of whipped cream. I used to eat this tasty dish at a Hungarian restaurant on the Upper East side (alas closed). I also had it in Bern, Switzerland of all places where they called it Vermicelli (Italian for little worms). I just had to hydrate some dried chestnuts and whip some cream energy level was low. Plus where is that ricer anyway.

So I bought a raspberry-rhubarb crisp and ice cream. Am I lazy or what? But it was an interesting combination.

The hosting mom lives out in the country on a dirt road. We are in the middle of the big thaw. To avoid a mile or so on  a badly pitted road, I ended up going 3 miles on the road from hell full of tire deep mud pots ( I was lost). If we resume our house hunting, paved roads will be a top priority. But it was fun. Our friend recently returned from a trip to Morocco and Spain. She is a gifted photographer. Alas, no photos to share but she had some very elaborate Spanish Christmas light displays, much different than seen in the US.
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would LOVE your recipe for Mont Blanc...


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