Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grappling with graupel

It's spring for Maya

I saw graupel once before: last year in Boston around this time. Most of March had been warm then a cold front came through. On a run, I was pelted with graupel, fluffy ice balls. It is not hail, much less dense, and it is not sleet..bigger size of the pellets. And on Tuesday, we had it here. It was in the 40s in both cases.

But maybe winter is about to be over here. We are all having cabin fever. I had the boys the other day. Oliver was running laps in the house with all his pent-up energy. I suggested he do this outside  Fine by him and he ran up and down the block. Danny didn't want to be left out but within a few seconds of his run, he tripped on air molecules and did a face plant.

I took the bike in for a tune-up yesterday so I will be ready to train next week.

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