Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Healing tones

During my BC yoga yesterday, our instructor had a crystal bowl that gave off a very loud single tone when it was rubbed: E Sharp I was told presumably heard by our heart. I hope my heart is now healed. I was amazed at how loud and long the tone was.

Our original instructor, Momma Sunshine visited us as a fellow yogi. She is now being treated for Stage 4 BC. Chemo has weakened her considerably. She is also on a clinical trial to trick her immune system into destroying her cancer cells. We all hope this works out. She adopted a baby girl a year ago that just happens to share the name of my potential grand daughter, a Scottish name meaning white and fair currently trending upward on the baby name charts. Well my maybe grand daughter may be white and fair (Josh and Julie were both childhood blonds though Josh's hair has darkened considerably) but her baby certainly does not fit the name though she has a Scottish last name too. She looks a lot like Ms. Maya. I will not reveal the name as it is not my place and for all I know, it is just a trial name. But it is growing on me more so than the boy name.

On this same baby name trending chart, I noticed my twin nieces' names are both going up too especially the slightly older niece. They were off the charts when they  were born. At least for females, you can pretty much guess how old someone is by just knowing their first name. So many of my classmates were Patty, Debbie, Kathy, Barb, Nancy or Sue. These names are off the charts now.

I am glad it is not a running day today..winter that just won't quit. And it is good that Shanna escaped Boston when she did. Last year snow totaled 9 inches. This year 59, with more coming.

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