Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tessa turns one

Such a happy little girl!

chillaxin' with Grandpa the other day
Tempus Fugit! It seems like only yesterday we were eagerly awaiting her birth in Boston. And such different weather! Temps in the eighties, spring flowers, cherry blossoms..
Today we have snow (again!!!!!) and it was all of fourteen this morning.

Part of the joy of grandparent hood is reliving the days spent with ones own children, my pretty babies. Although none of the grandbabies look like my children (the spouses's dominant genes won out in each case) Tessa so much reminds me of Baby Shanna in temperament  Always smiling; just happy to observe others; and very quick to learn baby tricks and speak early.

Tonight her birthday will be celebrated at Chuckie Cheese's which will be more thrilling to the young guests than the guest of honor.

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Alli said...

A year already. Seems like we just went through the pregnancy birth and a whole year has passed!

Happy Birthday Baby Tessa!!

Love Alli .xx


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