Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why are kids getting more allergies?

To avoid allergies, parents (up to now) have been told not to introduce highly allergenic foods such as peanuts, eggs soy and fish until 3 (eggs can be introduced at 2). But has this advice been working? Are less kids developing allergies? No!!!
A group finally tested whether this advice was sound. Jewish babies in Israel eat peanut products commonly before 6 months of age compared to Jewish babies in England who aren't exposed until much later. Which group exhibited the most peanut allergies? The group who wasn't exposed until later.
Suddenly the thinking is that maybe if a kids is exposed early, the body won't react as if it is a foreign substance when they are exposed to it later. Other factors may be in play. For instance the increased number of immunizations a child gets now might super sensitize his immune system.

Still the authors caution avoidance of potential allergens to high risk groups. Who would those be? Siblings of super sensitive kids and/or kids with eczema.

As a child, I knew no  one with a peanut allergy. I live with a woman with a severe sesame allergy though.
These are the allergies I have: sulfonamides, super sensitivity to poison ivy, nickel (contact) and a mild cat allergy.
What Steve has: none
What Shanna has: sulfonamides,  rabbit, cat and guinea pig dander and  probably dust
What Josh has: cat dander and spring pollen
What Naomi has: none
What Ramy has: none
What Oliver has: Pistachios
What Daniel has: All nuts, peanuts, soy, dog spit, egg whites. Excepting for the dog spit, it is hard to avoid a lot of this though fortunately his reactions are mild. He had fairly bad eczema as a baby
What Tess has: Nothing so far but she has not been exposed to much. Fortunately she does not have the scaly skin patches.
What Maya has: No allergies.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Sue--we have the same allergies/sensitivities...except for the intensity of poison ivy, which I understand comes from repeat exposure. Hmmm. Must be the co-op.


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