Friday, May 11, 2012

Where eagles fly

Today on a bright sunny day, one of the Moms and I traveled to the flat northwest corner of Ohio to the funeral of one of the Mom's father. The other two Moms went up the night before for the viewing. We drove 30 miles along the Maumee River and saw, about 5 miles apart, 2 bald eagles. This is the heartland, full of German descendant farmers. Lots of unfamiliar hymns. It may surprise some of you but I used to be in my church's choir. Some of the hymns we used to sing were quite beautiful but perhaps Lutherans use a different hymnal than the one we used. My voice changed at puberty to its current low, nasal yuckiness and my vocal range was considerably reduced. I no longer sing except to entertain very young children.

There was a 21 gun salute to honor her WW2 vet father, tough on the ears. He was the last of 13 children to pass. As his wife was one of 13 too, there were plenty of cousins there. I am not sure my friend could count them all. But it was interesting to match faces with stories and to see my friends's son who I used to babysit.He had brought his youngest son with him, a child halfway in age between Oliver and Daniel but way bigger than both.

We had a church lady lunch, pure heartland food.

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