Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tornadoes and breast cancer

No there is no link between the two other than they are such random occurrences. Yes there are some people more likely to be hit with a tornado such as living on a plain in the middle of the country just as there are risk factors for breast cancer.

Michigan is fairly far down on the list for being hit with tornadoes. But the few flat areas we have also house large populations so we are high historically in tornado fatalities. Dexter's tornado almost 2 months ago exemplified its randomness. About 7 years ago, Josh and Julia were deciding between two houses to buy that were a half mile apart. One got hit seven years later by the tornado and the other was spared. Luck? Good living on their part? God was looking out for them?

In many of the houses that were totally destroyed by the recent tornado, people were huddled in their basements. There were no serious injuries despite the devastation to property. Some people commented later how God was looking out for them. Why did He send a tornado their way in the first place? Are people in Dexter, MI more deserving to live than those in Joplin, MO?

There seems to be a resistance to grasping the concept of randomness. There must be a reason....
Why did I get breast cancer? Was it the Prem-Pro? Was it the wine? Was it bad karma for all the not so nice things I have done?

Ann Arbor, with its small hills, has been spared severe tornado damage. One came through about 15 years ago and wiped out some huge trees on the edge of the city though no one was injured and no homes were destroyed. The local paper interviewed one lady whose hundred year old trees were knocked down.  She expressed some dismay that now she would be treeless plus she had to deal with all the felled wood. Understandable to me. But later, a few people wrote letters to the editor on how dare this woman moan property loss when she should be thanking her lucky stars that she was still alive?
This would be understandable if they had had a loss of life due to that tornado but to me, they were just being mean.

Yesterday was a Maya day. First there was her enrichment class in the morning. It is fun watching her explore and then attempt to do all the hand motions associated with the songs. Later it was her one-one therapy in which she was to be evaluated as she has been in the program 6 months to see if she should continue. Alas she was sleeping. But as her speech is delayed at least 8 months, she clearly still qualifies even though she has made strides in almost every other area.

Then I returned to my Cooking for Survivors class. The menu? Modified Italian food such as pasta al fredo cutting down on the usual amount of fat and healthy polenta. Tasty.

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