Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trying to sleep during road construction

and other annoyances.

Lots of road construction projects going on in our fair city and around. There is absolutely no co-ordination between one project or another so all the north-south streets will be blocked. Well given my life of leisure, I can avoid the roads but not the current expressway repaving project. So as to not inconvenience so many people, they work in the middle of the night. However as the crow flies, this is less than a half mile away. I woke the other night to what sounded like several helicopters hovering over the house. The racket continued for several hours and started up again in the middle of last night. Since it was warm out, we had the windows open much for sleep.

A very bad airline: I vowed I would never take this particular airline s****t (the missing letters might as well be hi) after my friend had purchased a ticket 2 months in advance and the day of the flight, told her she had no reservation as her credit card was 'no good" even though she used the card after that with no problems. Did they call her to warn her that her reservation was cancelled? NO. She could buy a full price ticket (5x the original price) and still make the flight. I found only 2 airlines that didn't charge almost as much for one way as two ways. One of the airlines had very inconvenient flight times. So the airline I am taking charges an arm and a leg for checked luggage and carry-ons. I am only spending one night in Boston so I will manage with what I can cram in my purse. Today I get an e-mail saying it was Time to Check-in!!! with warnings that I will be charged to check in at the airport and I will be charged to use their computers to print a boarding pass. Since this flight has two legs, double the charges. So I start the check in process and it won't let me do it unless I purchase seats. Two of them for each leg. There seemed no way around this. The screen said I didn't have to buy the seats but I would need to check in at the airport (and then be charged twice to do that plus the printing of the boarding passes). So I buy the stupid seats. You'd think they would be included....
Then the kicker, I had to buy 'baggage' of some sort even though I am only taking a purse. There was no getting by this screen (also kept getting hard to block come-ons for their credit card and for their $9 club which despite its name, cost $50). I then noticed that boarding passes can only be printed within 24 hours of the flight and it was 24 hours and 10 minutes. Then why send me the e-mail saying it is time to check in? I did print the passes out later without buying baggage rights. And I am very nervous that my adventure with this POS airline is not over.

Hearing aids: Is hearing a medical necessity or a selfish indulgence? Steve was denied coverage as there was no reason for him having them. Did he just want to look cool with wires hanging out of his ears? Even without the aids he was kept up by all those construction trucks for the past two nights.

But not all is sucky. I will see the 3 Boston but soon to be Michiganders babies tomorrow. I had a very successful garage sale hour with 3 targets: a Little Tykes car that Maya could travel in Fred Flintstone style; a baby gate; and a bicycle carrier for my car. The weather has been beautiful though increasingly toasty. I bought a few plants for my garden yesterday and did some gardening today. I have enjoyed seeing friends.

And later today, a visit from my hummingbird. I've had the feeder up for a while but no action.

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