Friday, May 25, 2012

The Fragility of Love

This is the favorite picture of my DIL on her wedding day. She looks so happy and hopeful. I recently made a photo book for her 30th birthday full of photos since she met Josh 13 years ago. Prom, senior, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, family gatherings, and pictures of her at my other children's weddings were included. I put this photo on the cover. Less than 36 hours after I sent away for this book, Josh gave me the shocking news that this marriage is over. He gave her this book the other day. She probably just threw it in the trash along with the marriage.

How do these things happen?How can you promise to love each other one moment and forget these vows later? It makes me sad.

Years ago I saw Scenes from a Marriage. One moment a couple is getting some kind of award for having a good marriage (?); the next moment the marriage is dissolving before our eyes for reasons I could not fathom. The whole movie did not make sense. One of the few married friends I had was with me. She said one had to be married to understand the movie. My unmarried friend that was with us was equally puzzled.

Josh is currently on a 5 day canoe trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota with some of his buddies. I know the first day was all rain. I hope he will be able to have fun.

All toasty here. I got up early for my run. In the shade, I can be comfortable. This afternoon will be spent with Ms. Maya. If I were a good grandma, I'd be at her class now to spare her the stranger anxiety she'll have when she is separated from her mom. But I do need some time for myself.


Holly said...

so very sorry....

Teri Bernstein said...

who would have thought? I wonder if they will take quick action, or let things simmer, as I have. BTW, I am moving back in...let's talk soon.


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