Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accidents will happen...

Shanna's van came with satellite radio for a year. We listened to this on our long drive. They played two Elvis Costello songs that appealed to the boys: Oliver's Army and as we were pulling into the drive: Accidents Will Happen. The former appealed to Oliver and the latter to Daniel.
The next morning I found Daniel singing the accident song, which consists of him repeating over and over sort of musically, 'accidents happen, accidents happen'.  I was surprised that he took such of interest in Elvis Costello, but it turns out that Thomas the Tank has his own version of Accidents Will Happen and that the Costello song merely reminded him of it.

Turns out that he was a Cassandra.
An accident did happen.

Ramy was rear-ended while driving the moving truck. The driver who hit hit claimed Ramy suddenly appeared in his lane. Ramy claimed he had been in the lane but the guy must not have been paying attention. The truck is only minimally damaged but the car is totalled. Seems like a straight forward case but the police claim Ramy should not have been on the road. New York has these roads known as Parkways which means most trucks aren't allowed on them. But what trucks? The law says no commercial trucks but is a small moving truck a commercial truck? He wasn't driving it for commercial purposes. Is ignorance of the law an excuse? Michigan has parkways too but they don't exclude trucks. It generally means either a divided road or something that winds through a park. But this will be a pain for many reasons. It really put a damper on Shanna's spirits and caused much worry. Will he be too shaken up to continue the ride?

He got in at 9 am this morning. Shanna and the kids will move in with his mom later today. Her house is only about 5 miles from here. Certainly beats 750 miles.


Teri Bernstein said...

what a crazy adventure! Maybe you would like to supervise moving my stepparents out of their beachfront condo and into progressively assisted care? Just kidding.

krisa said...

Good to hear that your children are all safe and in Michigan. I marvel at your stamina and energy level!


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