Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby's first patent

Maya striking a pose. Sometimes she tries to duplicate her mom's yoga postures

Where I worked what ever you discovered remained the property of the company . You could include the patents on your resume, and if the patent was especially useful for the company, perhaps your performance evaluation would be good for that year.

A similar arrangement exists at the company Josh works for though they will pay you extra for patents assuming certain milestones are accomplished. His was finally issued last month so a big bonus for him though it is only a small fraction of what his invention is saving the company. 

I received my birthday present yesterday: an iPad. Still trying to figure it out.

Sometime yesterday evening I had my 50,000 visitor to this blog. I would have had even more if I installed statcounter in the beginning and if it actually counted visits from Smartphones, which it stopped doing a few weeks ago.

It is close to 90 right now but I was able to run while it was still in the 70s. Finally got a big chunk of gardening done.

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