Monday, May 14, 2012


Miss Tess rocking her harem pants
In Shanna's cute little town, they have an upscale baby store in which outfits start at $40 or so. But these were in the bargain bin, only $1. Such a deal..In a week, I will get to see her (and her brothers) in person. Can't wait.

It is Day Two of Steve's silent treatment of me. This generally lasts a week and hasn't happened since we blamed each other for Naomi becoming pregnant. It makes me sad for many reasons.
Oh and it's all his fault.

Breast cancer yoga tonight. I came in with my rib hurting again for no good reason and the pain was gone after the class so Namaste indeed.

I am so behind in my gardening. Those snow on the mountain plants have taken over my rock garden. Once they are finished blooming (they are pretty)..out they go. They are wiping out my pinks. I try to keep several pots of geraniums alive during the winter. They usually get all leggy but survive but the month with hardly any water was tough on them. They are finally recovering from that abuse.

I finally was able to touch base with my bicycle riding partner. He had just finished a 200 mile 2 day trip.Well yesterday I went for 10 miles so I guess we are at different levels right now. We leave 2 months from today

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