Saturday, May 26, 2012

Maya loves artichokes...

and her police car.
This is how we spent part of the afternoon. Up and down the sidewalk. She is supposed to power it Fred Flintstone style but it is so much fun to have grandma push her. She used her hand signals to indicate stop and go.
Earlier Naomi was here to have an artichoke, a favorite here in our family. Maya did not want to be left out. She likes to dip things. Soon she learned to scrape off the good part of each leaf with her teeth. And she loved the heart.
Josh had left his car for us to deal with. Among the many things that were to be fixed was his window, which is stuck open. All we had to do is pick this thing up and pay for it, difficult as Steve work long hours now (this part time job has turned into a full time ordeal due to someone over-promising deliverables). I dropped off Steve at the dealer and left as I had Maya. The window is still stuck open so no driving in the rain or leaving it any where except our garage. And unless Steve starts biking or walking to work (doable: I used to do it), I am stuck here. Ugh.

From the day before. Yeah I need the roots dealt with and I hadn't time to put on make-up. Maya is very suspicious of little Tess. Maya is almost 2 years old and Tessa is 2 months. The grandboys' picture is behind me.

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Holly said...

beautiful grandkids!!


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