Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My mom when she was 18 or so. She died more than 4 years ago
Mother's Day started with a nice brunch compliments of Josh and Julia. Her mother is in town but she will be taken out later. They also gave me a pretty necklace and chocolate.

Not sure what Naomi is up today but her plans do not seem to include me. Oh well..I must not be too disappointed.

I've spent too much of the day trying to make a photobook for Julia's 30th birthday, only 2 months late. I had a different project in mind for her that I had planned well in advance but for various reasons, that didn't work out. I've made about 7 photobooks by now so you'd think this would have gone smoothly. Twice everything was erased and I had to start over. Arghhh!!!

I have been slowly increasing my bike mileage to prepare for my trip in 2 months. Although my cardiovascular system is just fine, I need to grow some quads and get used to sitting on a seat for an extended period.

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