Friday, May 4, 2012

Soccer Mom Redux

How many soccer games have I attended in my life? At one point, Josh was on two teams as was Naomi. Even Shanna played on a team for three years. I coached some of these teams when the kids were young.

Josh is playing in an adult league. Some of the players are quite good though usually he is the best one out there. When his buddy still lived in town, they were awesome together and a joy to watch. He has another friend that signs up with him now. This man overestimates his talent and refuses to sub himself out. The teams are uncoached. It is up to the player himself to decide that perhaps he needs a rest. The bench can only hint: Run! If you're tired, we are here!!

Back in the peanut gallery, I have been advised to keep quiet. The coach in me keeps wanting to advise, Like if you are too tired to go after the ball, you're on the bench! I would take my girls out if they slowly walked through their paces. Josh meanwhile is constantly ordering everyone around.

But it was a nice night in the park surrounded on three sides by the twisting river. Vultures circled overhead. Later in the year the bats come out. I do get to connect to my son after the game.

Today was a busy day: running, gardening, making my dessert for the Mom's dinner later, and  a 3 hour birthday lunch (this should do it for my birthday celebrations). Later we go to the farm my friend purchased a while back. No animals yet. They have been renovating it for 18 months. It will be interesting to see the final result

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Teri Bernstein said...

Does your friend on the farm need any WWOOFers?


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