Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Separated at birth?

Even though they are great uncle and niece and have different ethnic backgrounds, somehow they look very similar here though my brother here is 9 months and Maya is 21 months.

Today was Maya's enrichment class "Fun at One". Last semester she was the youngest but now she is the oldest and the tallest. They repeat the same songs with the same gestures every week. Maya now can do most of the gestures. Today's fun activity was going in a swing made by lying down in a sheet which was held by two adults. None of the other babies wanted to try this but Maya kept wanting another turn. They get a half hour of free play, which for her was jumping on the trampoline, going down the slide and playing with the tool bench.
 I will make one last trip to Boston to help Shanna take the long drive here with the 3 kids in a few weeks. Yesterday I blogged about my memory of the May Pole Dance where I grew up in NY? Today I found actual photos of what I observed. (see blog yesterday) So it was not my imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Their likeness is amazing!


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