Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sint Maarten/St. Martin redux

We didn't stop at this bar

These are sheep, not goats (tails down)

Hurricane Luis came through in 1995 and destroyed 70% of the buildings. Recovery has been slow in part because taxes don't have to be paid until the project is completed. So the lower level is fixed and people live there. It will be a while until they fix the top.

Pretty stone church

We had crossed the border over to the French side. This is the sign greeting us when we came back

In the town square, there are statues of Icons of Sint Maarten: a butcher, a cleaning lady and TaTa  the Bus Driver. Our bus driver was also named Ta Ta though I think he is the son of Ta Ta Senior

Very hard to see but there is a large iguana here

Me feeding the vervets.

Interesting drink menus along the beach strip. Not sure what 'ruff sex on the beach' is.

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