Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grandma's in the Attic

We have our own space here in our Massachusetts exile. The attic had been converted to a large bedroom complete with skylights and dormers. My huge feet don't fit well on the 19th century stairs and I keep feeling I will fall.

We  took another trip to the hospital last night. Baby Girl's increased heft is putting alot of pressure against her old scar tissue causing pain and Shanna wondered if she was not slowly rupturing. The pain was getting worse. Baby Girl still is sealed up tight and is doing fine. The OB sees no reason why she won't stay put for the next 10 days, tougher now with this new pain.

In the hospital, they had Shanna and baby on various monitors. One we assumed was a pulse oximeter (measuring oxygen levels..Daniel always had one on during his 8 days in the Level 2 nursery) A good value is something close to 100%. Shanna's was reading 97, 98. I wanted to see what my values were: 55, 57 going up to 61. Levels consistent with heart failure!!!! Suddenly loud beeping occurred with a screen message No Pulse!  We quickly put it back on Shanna.

Steve and  I walked around nearby Brookline (not far but with this annoying traffic, it took forever to get there). We ate at a cute crepe place and explored. I found this beautiful designer dress on sale but alas, too small. In this paper store having 20 kinds of vellum alone (took me forever to find one kind in MI), we bought wrapping paper with old maps on them that we will frame once we get back.

When Wild Turkeys Attack
I wondered if the turkeys rushing us the other day with their fluffed up feathers was unusual behavior. No it wasn't especially since this is the beginning of mating season  Attacks have increased dramatically since the turkey population has soared. One woman in Michigan can't leave her house during the day without a gobbler laying in wait to attack her on the way to her car. When she returns,the turkey, who she named Godzilla,is there to attack as soon as she gets out of the car. They will attack their own images.Ramy says there is a shiny building in downtown Cambridge where turkeys charge their own reflections. A gobbler could attack its own image until the sun goes down. Then it could strut away Charlie Sheen style gobbling "Winning!!!"
 As said before, one of my thankless tasks as a child was to induce peacocks to display their feathers for my photographer father to get his money shot by flashing a large mirror in front of them.

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