Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Playground of the Discarded Toys

I was going to title this Train Porn but I figured my Statcounter would go crazy.The little guys are endlessly amused by train videos: train couplings and decouplings, trains breaking speed records, trains leaving the station, etc.
 The playground of the title is not far as the crow flies but
the Mystic River is in our path. The boys call it the Diamond playground due to the shape of the play structure, Neighbors discard all the climbing and riding toys they no longer need. There is quite a bit of stuff there. I just returned from there  with Oliver trying to sap some of his
considerable energy. It was a beautiful day here again. Shanna and I walked to her last OB appointment. She now is 1 cm but not in labor. She is very eager for this to be over.

We did not plan to be here so long nor did I pack what was needed. I was just getting around to organizing things when I got the call. But I am glad I am here. I did not want to miss Baby Girl's first minutes.

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