Monday, March 5, 2012

Empty Arms

We were so excited going to the hospital. Steve stayed home with the boys but he was to bring them when Baby Girl arrived. Do I have time for a shower?Steve asked.
No..I barked back.
We thought for sure we'd meet Baby Girl that day. I took photos of the expectant couple outside of the hospital. Shanna had not eaten anything in 2 days nor did she drink much.Once hydrated, the contractions subsided. There was no medical reason to keep her but they were sure she'd  be back later that day.She was told not to eat. But at home she fell asleep and the contractions went away. Back to eating.

I have been running up and down the Minuteman trail and playing with the grandboys. We hope our wait won't be long..Today she hardly had any contractions.

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Teri Bernstein said...

posting on the 6th...hoping that no news means good news and a baby is coming. My niece had her baby Olivia yesterday...


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